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Alan Thicke on Smoking Marijuana, Advice to Robin Thicke about Paula Patton + New Show


From “Growing Pains” to watching a rock star grow up, Alan Thicke has seen all sorts of family dynamics. With his show “Unusually Thicke” starting its third season on Pop TV next Wednesday the 21st he joins Sway in the Morning to fill the crew in on what’s happening with the Thicke’s.

Mixing a sitcom with reality TV Thicke says that the latest season dives deeper into social issues than ever before. From social media to same sex relationships, cannabis and adult films he jokes at the wild subject matter being covered. Sliding smoothly into talking about marijuana, Thicke talks about his oldest son owning dispensaries.

Moving into his youngest son he jokes about his start at USC as the President of the beer pong association. With all seriousness he then says he’s very proud of him and his new title of events chair.

With Robin popping into an episode or two Alan talks about his relationship with his middle child. He speaks on the Gaye estate’s lawsuit against Robin and Pharrell over “Blurred Lines” Thicke is confident they will be vindicated. Thicke also talks about his son’s split with Paula Patton. Saying he urged Robin to leave every stop un-turned he says that Robin and Paula have been doing a wonderful job of raising his grandson in a split home dynamic.

Watch the full interview above and keep up with Alan Thicke on Twitter @Alan_Thicke.

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