Angie Martinez Candidly Speaks on “My Voice,” Relationship with Jay Z & the Evolution of Hip Hop

Out promoting her amazing new book “My Voice,” the legendary Angie Martinez joins Sway in the Morning. Opening up about adding as many details as possible to the book she recalls conversations with Tupac and Biggie.

Going forward she tells Sway about her childhood and moving to Brooklyn. With so many great stories in the book she reflects on a just few, the first being her relationship with Q Tip and surviving a house fire together. Adding it in the book because it lead to another story she also included it to show people that you can maintain a friendship with a former significant other.

With Jay Z writing his feelings of Angie’s professionalism in the book she speaks on how both her and Jay hold themselves up with a certain level of integrity. They work so well as friends because they see that integrity in each other.

Catch the whole interview and head to Amazon to pick up your copy of “My Voice” by Angie Martinez.

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