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B-complex ft Jan Werich – Past Lessons For The Future


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Jan Werich is one of the great czech artists. We need people of this kind these days, when people seem to turn to hate, intolerance and radicals. I dared to sample his speech to spread his message once again.

The words translated:

You know I didn’t wear out many shoes on my way to the church, and my trousers are not worn above my knees from kneeling.
But I always believed in one thing, that the god made us equal, one is white, one black. One beautiful like you, and me.
Or dotted from the pox. But we are all cold when it’s freezing out there, and we all sweat when the sun is scorching.
And we all need to breathe, so we don’t suffocate. One day we’ll be all driven away.. in other words, we are all mortal. And immortal. But for this, we can’t make slaves from one another, because of this everyone should have the same opportunity to live a full life, nevermind if his father was a president or a tinker. Noone should ever think he is something more or better than others. Maybe he is smarter, maybe he wears better shirt. But this only commits him, to do something for those with worse shirt, or smaller biceps.

The whole secret is in liking people.

But only people who like other people can believe in this. To like people and to love them, that is the whole secret and the only recipe for happiness, and that counts for everyone.
Sometimes I think we did a big mistake when we left only poets and camp speakers to talk about freedom. Poets don’t define things very clearly, and camp speakers even more so. We should let teachers speak about freedom. And we should teach them that freedom is not just a poetic call for wings. We should teach them the difference between the true freedom and anarchy. You don’t really know how big thing it is, when you can write and teach what you believe in.

People only value things fully, when they loose them for a while. It’s the same with freedom as anything else.
To like people, and to love them, that is the whole secret, and the only recipe for happiness.

The words are originally read by Werich, it’s a letter of Jan Masaryk
here’s original video – https://youtu.be/NMSfR5uWal0



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