Baltimore Black Panther Freed After 44 Years In Prison


Well known Baltimore Black Panther, Marshall “Eddie” Conway was convicted of killing a Baltimore police officer in 1970 & after serving 43 years & 11 months he was set free on Tuesday, March 4th. Maintaining his innocence while serving time, Marshall has earned three college degrees, arranged a literacy program & also started a mentoring group, Friend Of A Friend, that assists young men resolve conflicts.

I am overjoyed that Marshall is free after being incarcerated for nearly 44 years of his 67 years & I can only imagine how his family & friends must feel, including his son, who has two sons of his own (pictured below).


It’s incredibly encouraging that an innocent man like Marshall is so positive after this unfair ordeal he has experienced & wants to continue helping others within his community. What an inspiration!

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