“Be Free”

For years now, I have known about the injustices happening all around the world but this summer has made me even more aware. From the fingerprinting stations that will soon be put up in grocery stores in Venezuela to control how much one purchases, the government in Mexico jailing & torturing journalists for reporting the truth, the conflict in Gaza to the police continuing to target minorities whether they’re on duty or not. The more awakened I have become the faster the tears are able to collectively fall for all the lives lost, daily.

I keep getting this reminder though: everything is a distraction. & though it is smart for one to keep up w/current events & the knowledge behind it w/proper research, do not neglect yourself. One is able to find a new story to read about the police arresting, beating, or killing yet another unarmed person whom witnesses claim was truthfully no threat to the officer(s) involved. But you must realize that the police is playing a small role in the twisted corruption in this very country, the land of the free. It can be so very exhausting to keep up with it all as you learn more. I know. It’s one of the main reasons I haven’t posted in almost six months here.

Remember your strength. Remember your purpose. Take care of yourself. Rise above it all. Do not let the tragedy of the world keep you down. Preserve a moment of silence every now & then for those no longer with us. Then, remember your voice. Be heard. You got this. Let’s live.

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