Big L, Big Pun & Charlie Hustle Freestyle





This happened in February ’98, due to the small window of time that allowed this. Fat Joe put Pun on into the Terror Squad. Joe was also a part of the DITC along with Big L, who was popular in the Rap game, by the time of Pun’s rise. Pun’s verse in this video, ended up in a DITC song with Milano called “Where Ya At”, which was released in 2000, after his passing. Now this is where things get interesting. Fat Joe had secret rivalry going on with Jay-Z, which led to tons of subliminal shots being thrown around between the TS & Roc-A-Fella crew, which includes DJ Whoo Kid’s testimony of the Sauce Money shot thrown at Big Pun. Big L at this very time was in talks with Jay-Z about signing to the Roc. Irv Gotti is one of the mutual links between Fat Joe and Jay-Z as well. Big Pun’s involvement in recording songs with KRS-One, A.G. (Showbiz & A.G.), Milano, and this freestyle with Big L, can hypothetically suggest that he might’ve been joining the Diggin’ In The Crates, just like Snoop was once recruited by the latter version of the NWA. I can’t even imagine what would have become of those movements having took place, or the impact of Big Pun & Big L being alive, in the inevitable battle between Nas & Jay-Z.

Hip-Hop will always remember Big L & Big Pun


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