Masters of Conspicuity: Blatant Poetry

  Poetry… KRS-One called it the language of imagination. T.S. Eliot, (which has touched every project housing in the United States) is considered one of Europe’s best poets, of all time, even beyond the existence of King James. Although that was always difficult for me to gauge (although accepted) since I never knew quite exactly […]

S.P. The Ghost and the LOVE Discourse

  “Did I tell you I love Barbara? In the parks they love Barbara…“ My top 5 dead or alive never fail to fill in the gaps academia has bemoaned for decades… a discussion on “love.” Cornel West and bell hooks, writers of the ivy league, professors of the elite, and all around well respected […]

Nasty Nas, Al Qaeda Jada, and the enumerated rap

“Enumerated” means an itemized list. I always grit my teeth, scrunch up my nose, ruffle my eyebrows when Jadakiss lists illegal substances, documents related to the prison industrial complex, or just generally hard ish. “Aries, haze, diesel, sour.” Jadakiss boils it all down to just a few words that he doesn’t even have to connect […]