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  Hot 97 and its listeners, received a dose of what a real magical Uptown Black girl is like, in the early part of December. And since this was a Hot 97 exclusive, meaning that there wasn’t a counterpart interview with Power 105’s Breakfast Club, this interviewed garnered over 2 million hits, to close/start the years […]
Originally  posted on BrooklynBodega.com     On Decemeber 18th, 2012, while at the Sandy Relief event which featured, the Rebel Armz, Immortal Technique, Akir, Poison Pen, Swave Sevah, Pumpkinhead, C-Rayz Walz, Rebel Diaz, Hasan Salaam, Majesty, Jean Grae, Pharoahe Monch & others, I got a chance to converse with Tech about the organization of the Sandy […]
It made the cover of the New York Times. Ray Rice will not be indefinitely suspended by the NFL because he could not be punished for the same offense twice. That offense, being, punching his wife in the face, and knocking her unconscious. What’s the big deal? I mean really, what is the big deal? Is […]
I was really struck by Elizabeth Plank’s remark that the public shouldn’t attack celebrities who identify themselves as “feminists.” (http://mic.com/articles/100676/aziz-ansari-just-came-out-as-a-feminist-with-one-perfectly-simple-analogy). Why? Because I critique mainstream celebrities all them time, and I’m not going to stop. For someone like, ummm Beyonce, to never post a pic of the way she looks when she actually just woke […]
For years now, I have known about the injustices happening all around the world but this summer has made me even more aware. From the fingerprinting stations that will soon be put up in grocery stores in Venezuela to control how much one purchases, the government in Mexico jailing & torturing journalists for reporting the […]
On first listen it sounds like an emotional song with a deep tone. From the composition to the vocal undertones you can tell this is important. and its not even in english. This song speaks to the materialism as well as the high standards society places on women to be beautiful. With an industry that advertises beauty […]
No one could hear or see “Anaconda” without commenting. It’s taken me a minute to put my thoughts to words, but Diana Veiga’s post in Clutch Magazine hit the nail on the head – Minaj could use her influence to create a message and culture of unity, but with Anaconda she has done just the […]
Some of us have done the research on our own, and when we really dig into the history of Marijuana or Cannabis there is a lot not being said. Many of us know high functioning pot heads. We also know that its not as bad for you as they say it is. With so many […]
Well known Baltimore Black Panther, Marshall “Eddie” Conway was convicted of killing a Baltimore police officer in 1970 & after serving 43 years & 11 months he was set free on Tuesday, March 4th. Maintaining his innocence while serving time, Marshall has earned three college degrees, arranged a literacy program & also started a mentoring […]