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Every human being is born with inferiority feelings inherited by human nature from birth. We all start life with some feelings of inferiority. But in some individuals, Many years of feeling inferior may manifest into Inferiority Complex. The inferiority feeling is only normal when people face extreme life situations. However, in the case of individuals […]
In this video we describe a course on complex analysis, including geometry, complex dynamics, and perhaps most importantly, some applications of these topics. This video is part of an application for a MOOC production fellowship, sponsored by Iversity and Stiftverband fuer die Deutsche Wissenschaft. source
Love Complex – คอนโดวุ่น…จุ้นรัก – is a Thai BL Themed Romantic Comedy Series Starring: Nutchapon Rattanamongkol (as Pete) and Tichawanich Vittawat (as Chon) Co-Starring: Bozo Cherdklao (as Knot) Episode 7 aired Sunday 16 April 2017 *** This is the MCOT HD Channel Version *** To watch LOVE COMPLEX with Eng Subs join Channel GrayStag: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCstX… […]
The Minimalist Strength Method – Get FREE Access to 14-Days – http://bit.ly/ms14day Grab your FREE 7 Day Dose of 10 minute or less KB workouts here – http://bit.ly/dailykbrx2 Get access to MORE killer warrior complexes just like this at – http://www.warriorripped.com For this Thursday Throwdown I couldn’t decide on whether I wanted to use Kettlebells, […]
A lot of time has passed since the first three pieces of this project. A lot of new material has surfaced. This is me scratching an itch. 🙂 All footage used for entertainment purposes. Music: “Shepherd” – Confidential Music Video and audio clips from Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Batman Returns, […]
http://localfuture.org The collapse of complex societies of the past can inform the present on the risks of collapse. Dr. Joseph Tainter, author of the book The Collapse of Complex societies, and featured in Leonardo Dicaprio’s film The Eleventh Hour, details the factors that led to the collapse of past civilizations including the Roman Empire. 2010 […]