Tech-Know Tuesdays – Leaked iphone 6 Case Suggests How Thin Next-Gen iPhone Could Be


Starting today, YoYouHeard is introducing “Tech-know Tuesdays”. Your Tuesdays will now have some much needed electro-flavor by talking about all tech related stuff from video games to what kind of phone King Jong Un uses to look at porn.

With every launch, there are always purported leaked iPhone cases that make it out to the internet with many speculations of how the next-gen iPhone could look. Usually, some third-party case makers (mostly in China) receive early schematics of new gadgets and decide to release it to the world before the new products hit store shelves. The purported iPhone 6 seems to have a button design similar to the iPod touch by eliminating the round volume button and replacing it with slimmer ones like the current iPod touch.

The following video shows a Youtube user who got his hands on an iPhone 6 case floating around, and compared it to the existing iPhone 5s. what’s most interesting is how thin the new iPhone 6 could be. At 6mm thin, it’s exactly the same size (in thinness) as the iPod touch.



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