Nasty Nas, Al Qaeda Jada, and the enumerated rap

“Enumerated” means an itemized list.

I always grit my teeth, scrunch up my nose, ruffle my eyebrows when Jadakiss lists illegal substances, documents related to the prison industrial complex, or just generally hard ish.

“Aries, haze, diesel, sour.” Jadakiss boils it all down to just a few words that he doesn’t even have to connect with pronouns because his selection is just that ill. “Dorms, cells, packages, mail, Warrants, bails..” It’s as if in just reminding his reader of a few inanimate objects, he has alerted us to systemic ills in a manner that requires our critical thought, a faculty way more useful than our obedient ears.

It wasn’t until I was giving the “Made You Look Remix”  another listen that I decided  this incredibly powerful form – the enumerated rap, powerful in its simultaneous simplicity and focus on the most damaging products ever, can be traced back to the one n only #nastynas.

“the ratchet, the blinker, the biscuit, the burner/ The heat, the toaster…The banger, the hammer…”.

If there was a forum for professors to submit scholarly articles on Nas’s word choice  … #yoyouheard!

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