Ps4 new feature – share play


Sony’s new PS4’s Firmware 2.0, enables you to pass the controller to a friend as if you were sitting on the sofa together. Except the sofa is now the internet – if you’re friends with someone, you can play multiplayer games with them, or even let them take control of your machine as if you’d physically handed them the pad. Anyone, anywhere. This is pretty neat considering all games people might want to try out.

To access this new feature, everything is accessed from the Share button menu, where there are two new choices: Give Controller to Player and Play a Game, all streaming over the internet. Sony did say it had been modeled on ‘standard broadband connections’. Seeing it in action almost seemed to be too good to be true – no lag, no noticeable issues, not even any obvious way of knowing you weren’t actually playing the game on the guest machine itself. the only caveat; both host and guest need to be PS Plus subscribers for the Play a Game Together mode as it’s effectively multiplayer, while for the Give Controller to Player option, only the host needs to be a subscriber.

Below is a demo of the new feature:

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