Ray Rice, Rewind, Not Televised

It made the cover of the New York Times. Ray Rice will not be indefinitely suspended by the NFL because he could not be punished for the same offense twice. That offense, being, punching his wife in the face, and knocking her unconscious.
What’s the big deal?

I mean really, what is the big deal?

Is it the irony that in the light of new evidence (new since his initial fine and temporary suspension) that the NFL doesn’t feel Rice deserves a second, harsher, more permanent punishment? After all, what is elevator security camera footage meant for, anyway?

Is it that in the age of so much security camera footage, somehow other forms of violence, more fatal forms of violence, more fatal systematic forms of violence, also go unpunished?

It’d be cliche to say Ferguson is the fire this time. It’s interesting to note what other forms of televised violence are making the front pages these days.

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