S.P. The Ghost and the LOVE Discourse


“Did I tell you I love Barbara? In the parks they love Barbara…

My top 5 dead or alive never fail to fill in the gaps academia has bemoaned for decades… a discussion on “love.” Cornel West and bell hooks, writers of the ivy league, professors of the elite, and all around well respected thinkers, commented way back in the early 90s that what’s missing from scholarly literature is a conversation about “Love.” Famous for expounding concepts such as “Nihilism in Black America,” Dr. Cornel West has pointed out the hopelessness, meaninglessness and lovelessness that pervades contemporary culture. Never one to just point out flaws, he followed up by saying we need to insert the concept of “love” into our conversations. The LOX been answering the call, big ups to them for that!

In an INCREDIBLE display of extended metaphor and triple entendre, Styles P’s song “Barbara” not only uses the word “love” in the hook, but describes a form of collective power centered on physical fitness and health. Does the fact that the LOX cover their message of “LOVE” with metaphors of sex, drugs and violence, diminish the message? For the critical thinker, probably not, but for the multitudes of brainwashed Americans, probably so. Are there other rappers out there discussing LOVE, wrapped in metaphors to keep the discourse below the radar?



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