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Hello Friends !  A special episode and follow up to Episode 8, we continue our conversation on sex positivity by focusing  on safe sex as part of a healthy sexual lifestyle. Listen as we discuss different ways to have safe sex , why communication is absolutely necessary ,and how to safely have a friend with […]
This time the ladies are getting even more intimate as we discuss sex positivity and why its ok to be freaky, or not. Fair warning we let our freak flags fly just a bit here so listen in for all the naughty and hilarious tidbits.
Welcome Back! 2018 is off to a start (we won’t get into adjectives now lets try not to judge the first two months) You’re friends have recorded an awesome episode all about goals and how to stay motivated. With a little help from Baby Charleigh, we go into what has stopped us in the past […]
Bringing in 2018 with positivity in the driver seat. In a world brewing with negative energy, join your friends with benefits as they journey through the topic of positivity. Manifesting ones own positive vibes, fostering positive relationships, and discussing realistic realms of consistent positive actions.
December Shirley and Olga  discuss issues of mental health, give advice on where to find help if you are struggling, and let you know we too have had struggles, but  have been able to find comfort and make progress. Although someone seems fine on the outside they may be suffering silently and we here at […]
We’ve definitely come across these types and many women and men have been victimized by the quintessential F^&$k Boy (girl) Listen in as we discuss what is a F^&$k boy and how to know if you may have been one too. Lets get some rehabilitation going with the support of your friends.
Introducing your friends with benefits, listening benefits that is. Join these three reigning NY Queens as they introduce themselves in episode 1 and befriend their listeners on this perpetual journey of life. Unfiltered and unapologetically of course.