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Woop Woop. 50th EPISODE. The girls sit down with the Third member of the Team the man behind the scenes. DJ IGNISHUN executive producer and Chief editor of YoYouHeard.com. DJ IGNISHUN wears many hats and the gimmie the juice girls sit down with him to celebrate their accomplishments together as well also get to know […]
“Straight up from Far Rockaway artist P. Nut sits with Gimmie The Juice and speaks about when he first started his rap game, C.I.T.G.O entertainment and his future goals”
The Gimmie the juice girls sits down with HoZ “an Uptown kid that doesn’t believe in Dreams” and spoke about his latest album “Uptown Zoo” and his track “TakeOff” that was featured on the hit TV series “Power” and more.
“The girls from Gimmie The Juice sits with public figure known as Cad The CEO aka Cad Rosado aka Mr. Pink and talk about his lifestyle,achievements at such a young age, “OMG They Did That” and more.”G\