Gimmie The Juice Ep 37 ft HoZ

The Gimmie the juice girls sits down with HoZ “an Uptown kid that doesn’t believe in Dreams” and spoke about his latest album “Uptown Zoo” and his track “TakeOff” that was featured on the hit TV series “Power” and more.

Gimmie The Juice Ep 35 ft Cad The CEO

“The girls from Gimmie The Juice sits with public figure known as Cad The CEO aka Cad Rosado aka Mr. Pink and talk about his lifestyle,achievements at such a young age, “OMG They Did That” and more.”G\

Gimmie The Juice Ep 31 ft Reef Balla

“The girls sit with the young talented Reef Balla and talks about how he started the whole rapping game and why he decided to work on a album instead of a mixtape and more.”

Gimmie The Juice Ep 30 ft Happy Munkey

The girls sit for the first time outside the studio with two of the three creators of Happy Munkey for their last interview of 2017 with a hit of that good ol’ marijuana, you wouldn’t wanna miss it.