Speak IGGY Speak Ep 3 – WW3 chances and how we got here part 1

Iggy the Ignorant Intellectual and SV The Scholar are joined by Divino DeNegro to have a discussion about the possibilities of World War III. The conversation includes a detailed look into past World Wars, present day key-players, and the lack of information being conveyed by mainstream corporate media. This is Part I of a two […]

Speak IGGY Speak Ep 2 – 420 a real discussion about Marijuana

Iggy the Ignorant Intellectual and SV The Scholar bring in some guests to have and honest conversation about marijuana. Joined by TalJames from Colorado, French Tana from Idaho and Lili from NYC, the guests share their experiences and shed some light on the misinformation and history of this resourceful plant.

Speak IGGY Speak Ep 1 The Election

On this episode Iggy finally has enough and decides to through all his plans out of the window and start his podcast. along with his guest Divino D'Negro, they go into the subtleties that allowed a man like Donald Trump to win the election.