Steve Stoute, Ben Horowitz & Kanye West Talk Technology & Collaboration

Last week,, released the recording of the whole panel discussion between Steve Stoute, Ben Horowitz and Kanye West, discussing the relationship between technology and lifestyle. They also discussed the wealth of collaboration and when it’s right (Dre Beats & Apple) and when it’s ineffective (Blackberry and Alicia Keys). And of course, Kanye made a few comments that can tick a few nerves.

“‘We don’t look for good ideas, because, good ideas, are things that everybody thinks are good ideas.’ And then, like everybody’s doing them, or it’s already done, or it’s not really a breakthrough. We look for bad ideas, or things that look like bad ideas, that are actually good ideas underneath, because it’s those ideas, that everybody dismisses…” – Ben Horowitz

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