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An elderly man fell down on the curb. Three strangers helped him up. Posted by HarlanH on 2007-04-09 02:54:35 Tagged: , astoria , nyc , newyork , kindness , collage
Activists protest at a New York City subway station for their Swipe it Forward campaign to call out unnecessary policing of poor people of color. In an ambitious protest action, advocacy groups across New York City on Wednesday are offering free subway fares at stations that serve primarily black, brown and poor commuters. Members of […]
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In the 50’s, a U.S. courthouse took down a statue of the Prophet Muhammad because a number of Muslims took offense to it and wanted it destroyed. This is the story of that statue, a respectful state department, and good intentions gone awry. —————————- Check out more Seeker! Should Muslims Give Up On France? – […]