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Bulletproof Funk and Unofficial Project at Boston University Present: OVRDRV 6.0: Jam & Dance Showcase 1v1 BBOY AND ALL STYLE BATTLES & PERFORMANCES Finals Winner El Nino (Floorlords/Boogie Brats/Squadron) Judges Bombi (Lawtown Assassins) Heat Rock (Del Fuego Wolfpack, Cypher Sons, NY) Palmer (Havikoro, TX) MC: Chad “Voltron” Shabazz (NSA/Slaughterhouse, MA) Brian Pistols (Del Fuego Wolfpack, […]
“Cypher Adikts is not just a jam it’s a movement born out of a necessity in today’s community to bring balance in our culture. Away from the competitions and music interruption this jam is all about keeping it raw and representing to the fullest. There’s not much more to say, the name speaks for itself […]