The Sacred F-Word

I was really struck by Elizabeth Plank’s remark that the public shouldn’t attack celebrities who identify themselves as “feminists.” ( Why? Because I critique mainstream celebrities all them time, and I’m not going to stop. For someone like, ummm Beyonce, to never post a pic of the way she looks when she actually just woke up (okay brush your teeth first, but unless you got photoshop in the bathroom mirror…you see where I’m going with this?), to identify as a feminist, is kind of like the racist who says “but some of my best friends are…”  When we misuse words a few things can happen:

#1 The original meaning of the word becomes diluted on the surface but never at the root, so that the original concept the word represent gets normalized (N -word)

#2 The concept that the word originally represented gets diluted, and the concept gets lost (feminism)

No, Beyonce is not a feminist, and if that’s what you think Feminists look like, then I am really sad for all the little girls growing up now who think that to show their pride they must dye their hair and photoshop in a thigh gap.


I’m just saying.

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