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Almost exactly a year ago today, Facebook was all over the news. It shelled out a cool billion for Instagram in April 2012 and then a little more than a month later, went public. It was the largest ever IPO in internet history, with a valuation (at least briefly) of $104 billion — and it made a lot of people very wealthy (or at least, a whole lot wealthier).

Today, Forbes released The Midas List, an annual list of the venture capitalists who’ve been most impactful in creating successful new companies and generating the most return for their investors. It’s an appropriate list for the one-year anniversary of Facebook’s IPO, since five of the names in the top ten were driven there by the social-networking giant.

But how exactly does a company like Facebook go from an idea in a Harvard dorm room to the juggernaut it is today? The answer has a lot to do with venture capital, the high-risk, high-reward investments made early in a company’s childhood.

NowThis News broke down the process, from the first angel investors who get things started to the later funding that fuels growth, in “Venture Capital 101.”

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Venture Capital 101: How An Idea Becomes A Company – NowThisNews – Business


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