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What Americans Get Wrong About Cambodia


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It’s a big misconception Khmer Rouge is still happening. Some don’t even know what that is. So what else do we get wrong about Cambodia?


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Cambodia’s Booming New Industry: Orphanage Tourism
Forbes – http://www.forbes.com/sites/morganhartley/2013/05/24/cambodias-booming-new-industry-orphanage-tourism/
“Since 2005, Cambodia has seen a 75 percent increase in its number of orphanages. It’s no coincidence that the growth matches the explosion of tourism in the country; foreign arrivals have increased 250% in the same period. The orphanages run on foreign volunteers and dollars.”

Is It Time for Cambodia to Wean Itself Off the Greenback?
Knowledge@Wharton – http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/is-it-time-for-cambodia-to-wean-itself-off-the-greenback/
“Anyone who has been to Cambodia knows that the U.S. dollar is the de facto currency there. From paying for a coffee to buying a car, locals and foreigners alike deal in the greenback. According to the latest data, the dollar accounts for 83% of total transactions and more than 90% of banking deposits.”

Choosing to become a monk for religious – and practical – reasons
The Grady Journal – http://www.gradyjournal.com/?p=4876
“In a country with high levels of poverty and illiteracy, monastic life turns out to be a pivotal tool in developing an educated class. In addition to strengthening their spirituality, young men with a hunger for education, but no opportunities to fulfill it, become monks to study.”



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