Whats the word this week??

Wassup everybody?

This weekend will be an interesting one, we have quite a few events that you should look into and attend. For starters on Friday the Capicu  Open mic is back with Papo Swiggity and Xmental Inc co hosting the Back to school  Drive. Featuring will be the one and only True, who is also know for being a member of the Gritos de Poetas spoken word ensemble. The Capicu open mics are very much worth attending, they are known for featuring some of the best spoken word artists and also helping the community with causes close to home. So make a collection of school supplies and drop them off at the Evil Olive, bring a smile to a child’s face.

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The next event is one you definitely need to go to. This past summer we have lost numerous  men of color due to police brutality, Eric Garner was close to home and 18 year old Mike Brown in Missouris caused an uproar in his community, igniting looting and protests and ultimately a demand for a change in Missouri’ court system. Saturday, Green Earths Poet’s Cafe will host the “Eric Garner, Mike Brown: Say Something” spoken word open mic poetry Speak up. We highly encourage you to speak up and let people know how you feel about the recent deaths.


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