Woman Love and Image Making Capacity


I was so pleased when my dear friend invited me to see “Through The Lens Darkly”, (http://throughalensdarkly.wordpress.com/) a documentary that explores a history of African American photographers and “image making capacity.” The phrase, image making capacity, used frequently throughout the film, describes the way people present their models in planned portraits or photos. Of course today, with camera phones and websites to blast their contents on, image making capacity has perhaps an even deeper meaning. How many photos do I see in a day, in the year 2014, as opposed to back in 1994? And that’s why artists, or anyone crafting images in the public eye hold so much power today.

Lucky for me, and anyone else on this tip, Brooklyn rapper, Cavalier been putting out some dope imagery. Check a video promo for his latest album “CHIEF”. In all his media, whether video, music or concert, Cav uses his image making capacity, to promote images of beautiful brown independent women. Without rehashing all the negative energy surrounding images of women in “mainstream” media, I’ll just say, I’m grateful to see Cavalier is bringing through a stronger current.

Check out the album at chiefthealbum.com or on amazon and googleplay

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