XBOX One to be first main console in China in 14 years


Today Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will go on sale in China on September 29. Microsoft says it will be the first game console to launch in the mainland in 14 years.

If you may or may not be aware, video game consoles were illegal in China. Ironically, the Wii, the PS3 and the Xbox 360 are Chinese made. Game consoles have been banned in China since 2000. The government thought that was the best way to protect Chinese youth from wasting their minds on video games, after a parental outcry, was to ban the use of video games. The ban was then lifted in 2013 and although there are a few strings attached, China may now participate in the glorious adventures of what the video game industry has brought to this world. 

“This past July, the State Council of China (the Chinese cabinet) approved and announced the development of a new Shanghai Free Trade Zone (or FTZ). The purpose of this zone is supposedly to create new jobs in Shanghai and to help “open up” China to new foreign investments, as well as possibly encourage better currency exchange.”

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