Bribery battalion: Scope into the complex graft chain in the police force

There are no shocking revelations or statistics to corruption levels in the police service today. In many reports that have been released over the years, there is one common denominator. Many Kenyans still perceive the police as one of the most corrupt institutions in the country. The rot in the service gets even grim with images of police taking bribes on our roads becoming a common sight, almost acceptable.

The respect for the uniform and the crown as officers are dragged and bundled into waiting vehicles by investigators for bribe taking has reduced the traffic department to ridicule. Though the service has been undergoing numerous reforms with the establishment of the National police service commission, bribery is still rampant and almost getting out of control. Or has it?

The following report by NTVs Investigative Editor Dennis Okari may come as no surprise but explores the ingenious ways the traffic police go to get free money.

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