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Is Breaking Part of Ballroom Dancing? Bboying/Breakdancing was announced to be part of the 2018 Youth Olympics but there is some controversy behind it. Big thanks to Midas from Style Elements and other in the in community for shining a light on the subject. More info below from Midas.

Three misconceptions surrounding breaking and the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires:

(1) Breaking Got Accepted Into the 2018 Youth Olympics

“Dance Sport” got accepted into the Youth Olympics. Not breaking. The official Olympic website says “Dance sport will feature men’s, women’s and mixed team breakdancing in a battle format”. Dance Sport is the name competitive ballroom dancing took on in the 80’s, to gain acceptance into the Olympics. In other words, breaking is now officially being designated as part of the competitive ballroom dancing movement (aka “dance sport”).

(2) The Olympics Initiated This Addition

This entire process was led by the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF), the official governing body of competitive ballroom dancing, not the Olympics. After failing to get ballroom dancing in the games for over two decades, they decided to use breaking as their stepping stone. Without consulting anyone from the breaking community, they presented the dance as one of their dance sport “disciplines,” helping fulfill their dream of getting ballroom dancing in the Olympics.

(3) The World DanceSport Federation is a Trustworthy Partner

The disregard shown by the WDSF toward the breaking community speaks for itself. But they also have a long track record of such appropriation of dances and unethical behavior. Their entire industry is based on co-opting popular cultural dances for the sake of codification, regimentation, and profit. They plan to oversee competitive breaking and use it, not only to get ballroom dancing in the Olympics, but to generate revenue and new constituents.

What do you think? Comment below and let’s start a discussion about this.

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